Sacred Femme Rising


Divine Woman,

You’re smart, savvy and you know poised for sparkling success.

You’re one determined woman - a goal getter, who is committed to rising up into her new empowered self.

You’ve learnt that staying connected with who you are, you're beautiful feminine energy, the power at your core is what sustains you and gives you unstoppable force and energy… but lately, that’s not how you’re feeling...

You’re freakin’ exhausted.

Overwhelmed with constant giving, giving and giving.

Your cup is empty and you find yourself feeling disconnected from your soul, drifting further away from your life’s purpose. If you’re really honest, my love you’re disillusioned with life.

Every day you feel like life is throwing you a spiritual curve ball and it’s over freakin’ whelming. I get it because I know too journey too well myself.

We as women are all collectively seeking deep sacred transformation, a change, arising from the ashes…

It’s time.

From this moment on you’ve made a vow…… You refuse to live trapped in conditions that don’t serve and nourish you. But how?

How do you rise out of chaotic experience of constant change and into a whole new empowered femme warrior YOU?

That’s where I come in.

Over 7 days I’m going to guide you, hand in hand, to become a Divine Fearless Leader as you journey through the Sacred Femme Rising process.

The Sacred Femme Rising is a FREE Program I’ve created especially for women who are ready to transform their lives, in the deepest, most powerful way.

7 Days. 7 Divine Steps. 1 Unstoppable You.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • 7 Days of inspiring, uplifting and practical healing strategies via email so you can tune into your highest self and reconnect with your deeper, feminine powers.
  • Daily divine, self-love mantras to give you the powerfully life-changing tools that you can use to overcome anxiety, lethargy, self-hatred, disconnection and playing small.
  • An introduction to the 7 Goddesses who give you the direction and empowering you need to make change happen.
  • Healing the hurt, resentment, bitterness and anger that hold you back so you can finally step into the abundance, richness and power that your feminine self deserves.

The glorious sacred outcomes of your rite of passage:

  • Unblock the feminine powers that give you the irresistible edge and empower you to let go of heartache, disconnection and playing small.
  • Awaken your spirit so nothing can faze you or hold you back, recapture your sense of confidence and release yourself from the quicksand of fear, anxiety and emotional conflict.

Hello, gorgeous femme!

I’m Joanna Intara Zim, a Licensed psychotherapist, marriage and family counselor and most importantly, a spiritual guide who has spent decades practicing opening, allowing and surrender as a spiritual path.

I’ve experienced several soul adventures of my own and have learnt to turn my problems or dark nights into my greatest teachers.

I’ve experienced heartache, violence, and the shattering of dreams… I know what it feels like to be adrift, disconnected and deeply disappointed in one’s own self and others.

Having studied Hatha, Ashtanga, and Iyengar Yoga with many of the leading teachers of our time, I also became a student of Zen, Vipassana meditation, arriving again at the profound teachings and practices of Vajryana (Tibetan) Buddhism. Add to this several years of extensive study with Native American teachers, practices and apprenticeships with some of the luminary medicine men and women of our times. I’ve trained with Sue Johnson for Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, Pat Ogden for Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Kalu Rinpoche, High Lama in Karma Kagyu Tibetan Buddhist Lineage as well as the Dalai Lama.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women who’ve experienced incredible life-changes and now I can’t wait to offer the same experience to YOU.

Ready to reignite your feminine powers, recapture your magic and revolutionize your life?

Ready to experience the mind-shifting changes that can unleash a flood of positive emotions, confidence and clarity?

Ready to be the woman you really are, emotionally, financially, sexually and physically?

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7 most life-changing days ever!